The heart❤ and love💖(relationship wise)

Love is an intense feeling and care towards someone or something.

In many cases it is towards someone, something or from someone. it is a feeling of the heart,mind,body and soul.which makes it very risky if it is towards the wrong person.

The body,soul and mind is controlled by the heart in most cases (heck in all cases).

The heart is the most difficult part of the body to be controlled(like the saying goes:the heart wants what the heart wants)and in most cases it’s not what is good for the heart that it tends to want,the heart tends to get attached more easily and once attached it’s difficult to be detached.

The heart is the gateway to your body,soul and mind.

Your thoughts,actions,attitude all first started from your heart. your good and bad started from your heart.

It is very important to monitor what takes places in your heart. Which is why it is necessary to look before you leap or in this case look before you fall(in love.)

Your heart is the engine room of your body,what you become is determined from the heart. A success or loser is determined from the heart, people often think decisions are made from the mind but it is actually from the heart every of your thought generated from your heart.

The heart can be nurtured to bring out the best in you.

The heart has both the physical and emotional features.

Physically it is needed to survive, used for circulation of blood,oxygen,nutrients, helps in the creation and renewal of cells that keeps the body going.

Emotional it is needed to feel, to have connections with others,to be able to process feelings(happiness, joy, sorrow, remorse, regret) and so many more.

Which brings me to my point, Be careful who you give your heart to and how deep and intense you commit yourself to the person, don’t get me wrong it is important to be committed in your relationships but getting your life been determined by your relationship is very costly and detrimental to you both physically and emotionally, an heart break is literally a heart break but without the blood gushing out or you dying physically but it kills emotionally which is worst than the physical aspect, physically when you die you die, but emotionally it kills you slowly, it kills your peace, happiness, focus, dreams, goals, visions, self worth, confidence in yourself and others.

Don’t rush in or you will rush out and it most definitely won’t be the same way you went in.

Before you trust someone enough to date the person or let’s say love the person take your time watch him/her very well take your time don’t rush in just because he/she is hot, or cause you have a crush on that person, first try to first be friends to know absolutely everything about each other (it is more easy to open up to a friend, share your feelings with a friend than a lover. Scared of losing or saying the wrong things at the very wrong time tend to make you not been free but to a friend you can say what the heck you like and not be scared) and if he/she is not been open after you tried then I will advice you to be very careful if they claim to be into you and not free with you enough to tell you their worries and fears, likes and dislikes then I will advice you be rethink your decision.

Before you can say you want to date someone you have to be able to see that person as someone you can be free with, someone you can trust, someone you can say :even if others fail me I know he/she won’t fail me, someone you can be absolutely free with.

In as much as those are important you need to check for compatibility, ask yourself do you have something in common like a dream, vision,goals. It is important to have have compatibility in a relationship.

Don’t think about the short run only always think about the long run, in 5 years time do you see yourself together with he/she what will the relationship be like will it be as exciting as it first was or will it be like a burden or a project to you.

Sure,now you say to yourself that I can’t do without him/her, but ask yourself sincerely will this person matter in 5years.

To keep a relationship going and interesting you need TLRC(Trust, Love, respect and Compatibility ) and not LTRC(Love, Trust, respect and Compatibility) it is much better in the TLRC order than the LTRC.

Trust should always come before love, when trust comes before love, the love last longer and more fruitful, you have to be able to trust your heart to that person before going in, don’t and I repeat Don’t trust your heart to someone you fully well know you don’t trust it will only being pain in the end.

Respect is having high regard for something or in this case someone.

When you give respect it helps your partner know you have high regards for them and of course it should be reciprocated back to you(don’t be stupid in this aspect this is when you know what your partner or soon to be partner thinks of you) don’t be in a relationship where you show respect when you are outside and not when you guys are alone.

To be respected you have to give yourself that respect and also don’t be the kind that takes anything that is thrown to you set standards have something that called self respect. When you don’t know how to respect yourself there is a very high tendency of you not having respect for your soon to be partner.

And it is very important to build your relationship around God and trust his will to guide you, after all God is love and who better to lead you in love than love himself.

In conclusion if you are not ready for a relationship physically, mentally, and most importantly emotionally don’t stress just be yourself, know what you want if you are to be in a relationship set your standards, just be happy both inwardly and outwardly after all there is more to it. 📌📎

what is on my mind

  • Have you ever had the feeling of never being enough,the thought of always feeling less when you very much know there is more but how to accomplish that more is more hard than just saying I must be more when you feel so drained out(your family drains you,your academics,your ambitions,your career,just everything about everything ) you wonder if you are the only one feeling this way,well am here to tell you you are not alone i have been there,heck am still there and am still trying to get out but it’s like the more you try to get free the more the rope becomes tighter.                                                                  THAT feeling of responsibility to be perfect, to be responsible, to have everything figured out but still not half way there but you have the feeling of there being more to it but in all knowing you will get there keeps you going.